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Automated Video Measuring Machine ORT-CNC-400A
  • Features
  • Specification
Precision Equipment       Hardware
1Marble base, post and worktable, stable, firm framework.
2Marble table. Reducing mechanical assembly error, ensure precision movement of X, Y axes.
3High verticality of X, Y axes can ensure measurement accuracy up to 2.5+L/ 200um. To get high precision even without coordinate detection function.
5Precision Ballscrew transmission make movement fast, flexible and reliable.
6Optical grinded Glass working stage, Z-axis is calibrated to ensure travel direction vertical to glass plane so that the measuring result with high accuracy.
7Programmable laser pen positioning allowed the machine find appropriate position rapidly and work more quick.
8The first one who introduced sub-pixel measurement in video measure industry. Do not need any professional operation skills for operator, enhance measuring efficiency greatly. 
9Automatic Z axis focusing enhanced the precision while refocusing, user need to move X, Y axes only, convenient and quick.
Smart Software      Software
1Multiform output such as DXF,WORD, EXCEL etc. CAD drawing input and comparison function. It can directly measure and calculate straightness, roundness, position, parallelism, inclination, perpendicularity, concentricity, symmetry, and other geometric tolerances.
2Ample geometrical measurement function including drawing, label, edit, operation board measure etc., It provides measurement and drawing functions for point, line, circle, arc, ellipse, groove, rectangle, closed curve etc.
3SPC key parameters analysis according to the data of report form, automatic calculation of Ca, Cp, Cpk, Max, Min, Range, Avg, Std etc.
4Auto tolerance output and alarm with color, sound and note, especially have product dimension tracking function.
5LED three ring lights on octant top(eight segment) + transparent parallel lights, brightness adjustable.
6Fast & automatically focus function. One focusing in one second. Repeatability of focusing at high magnification is<0.01mm, If the focusing time is set to 2 to 3 seconds.
7Can measure the various complex graphics including curves.
8Powerful photograph, montage and virtual measuring function.
9Lasers and probes can be added if needed, so as to complete the three-dimensional size measurement.
Ultra-fast Detection      Detection Efficiency
1Testing product: ≤400*300*200mm, suitable for various of production’s inspection
2Fast procession to single product or feature detection
3Fast moving speed of worktable: the fastest moving speed of XY axis is 200mm/s, acceleration can reach 400
4Fast image calculation speed: powerful image calculation processing and calculation capabilities, work does not need to be corrected, coordinate conversion function, high measurement efficiency
Stable Performance      Operations:
1Continuous operation, low failure rate, normal basic maintenance once every 6 months
2Continuous operation with high utilization rate: 7*20H
3Long service life: Imported high-precision component modules are selected to ensure the long-term stability of the equipment
4Good repeatability: the accuracy of the equipment remains unchanged after long-term operation

 Model No(mm)      External Size(kg)      Weight(kg)    Max. load  Power supply
ORT-CNC-400A1140*900*1700450kg30kg220V(AC) 50HZ
   Worktable(mm)      Marble Size510*410(mm)      Glass Size448*348
(mm)      Travel RangeX:400mm  Y:300mm(mm)      Travel Range200mm      (Z axis)
    Optical system High-resolution CCD 1/3 inch
 Automatic zoom coaxial lens 0.7-4.5X; Work-distance:88mm
Video magnification:28-180 X;Display resolution:0.0005mm
Accurate  image auto-measuring software
(um)      Linear Accuracy X,Y Linear Accuracy:2.5+L/200      Z≤5+L/200 um  (L means measured length, unit: mm)
  IlluminationLED surface ring light in five rings & octant pattern (8 phases) + transparent parallel light, all lights adjustable.