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One-click detection of AOI on a fixed platform
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ORT-FAST-200AOI is an instrument for the detection of defects on the back cover of mobile phones, which can detect scratches, abrasions, platform scratches, edge collapses, hole collapses, platform collapses and LOGO scratches on the surface of the mobile phone back cover. The instrument uses imported ultra-high-resolution cameras and high-precision telecentric lens modules to ensure the accuracy of measurement data, high efficiency and long service life of the instrument. Smooth, non-contact measurement.

Equipment advantages:

1) The equipment is easy to integrate contour light illumination and surface light illumination to meet different detection requirements;

2) The equipment is easy to expand into automated stringing equipment to meet the needs of on-site automation;

3) The equipment can be easily expanded into an optical detection system with higher resolution to adapt to different accuracy requirements;

4) High degree of equipment integration;

5) Detection time:<3s;

6) The sharp boundary imaging effect can be easily obtained to ensure the detection accuracy;

7) The operation mode is simple, realizing one-key detection in the true sense;

Test content:

1. Surface scratches

2. Surface scratches

3. Platform scratches

4. Side collapse

5. Hole collapse

6. Platform collapse

7. LOGO scratches


Equipment name

Fixed platform type one-key detection AOI

Device model


Equipment section

<3s(No loading and unloading time)



Repeat accuracy(um)


Detection accuracy(um


Equipment size(mm)

900mm(long) X 780mm (width) X 1600mm(high)

equipment weight(kg)

Use environment

Power supply:AC220V±10%,50Hz;

Power consumption:2000W;


Operation mode

Manual loading and unloading