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The mid-term inspection meeting of the key special project "Vision-based Robot Environment Modeling and Positioning Navigation" of the National Key R&D Program "Intelligent Robot" led by Tongji University was heldDate:2021-09-16 Browse:1557 Source:OPTICS

On April 7, the High-tech Research and Development Center of the Ministry of Science and Technology organized a mid-term inspection in Shanghai for the key special project of the “intelligent robot” of the national “13th Five-Year” key research and development plan, “visual-based robot environment modeling and positioning and navigation”. The project is led by Tongji University, with Wuhan University, Sun Yat-sen University, Institute of Aerospace Information Innovation of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and Shanghai Jiaotong University. "Intelligent Robots" Specialized Experts of the General Team, Professor Han Jianda of Nankai University, Professor Liu Hong of Peking University (Shenzhen), and Professor Wang Jinyou of the Central Academy of Mechanical Sciences Group Co., Ltd., and fellow experts, Professor Lan Zhi of the National Rehabilitation Aids Research Center Gao Gong, Professor Chou Wusheng of Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, and researcher Wu Xinyu from Shenzhen Institute of Advanced Technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences jointly formed an expert group to inspect the project. The inspection meeting was presided over by Zhang Mengyue, the special director of the High Technology Center of the Ministry of Science and Technology. The head of the scientific research management department of our school attended the meeting and delivered a speech on behalf of the undertaking unit. More than 60 project leaders, project leaders, project backbones and project participants attended the meeting.


At the meeting, Zhang Mengyue introduced the requirements for the mid-term inspection, announced the name of the expert group, and elected Professor Han Jianda as the leader of the expert group. The project leader, Professor Liu Chun from the School of Surveying, Mapping and Geographic Information of our school, gave a detailed introduction of the mid-term implementation of the project in terms of the status of assessment indicators, major breakthroughs, highlights, project organization and management, and next-phase plans. The backbone of the project, Associate Professor Wu Hangbin from the School of Surveying, Mapping and Geographic Information of our school, conducted project demonstrations, including video demonstrations, live demonstrations of the integration platform, and demonstrations of the results of sub-projects. Experts inspected the project's robot integration platform equipment and related system research and development status and experimental platform of each subject on the spot.

Subsequently, the expert group conducted inquiries on the completion of R&D tasks, completion of assessment indicators, level and innovation of research results, indicator test scenarios and application demonstration scenarios, etc., reviewed the project's mid-term inspection report, and checked the project's related results. . After review, inquiries, and discussions, the expert group believes that the project has completed the mid-term research objectives specified in the mission statement, and discussed possible problems or risks with the project team to ensure the smooth follow-up of the project, make greater breakthroughs, and form a benchmark Sexual results. The project team deployed the tasks in the next phase based on expert opinions. (Wu Hangbin)